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Posted in: January, 2018

Staying alive?: A Potential Shift in the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Treatment of the 24 Month Limitation and Single-day Claims for Benefits for Medical Appointments?

Va. Code Ann. § 65.2-708 generally bars an injured worker from seeking compensation benefits, that is, lost wages, if a claim is not filed within 24 months of the date where compensation was last paid pursuant to an order under the Va. Workers’ Compensation Act (permanent loss and extraordinary equitable circumstances exempted). While this bar […]

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Important Information About Document Retention Policies

In most workplaces, the days of corridors filled with filing cabinets filled with folders filled with documents are gone, replaced by a noisy, overheating room filled with servers loosely connected to obscure, arcane backup options.  In the days of paper, physical space was at a premium, now drive space and bandwidth pose similar limitations on […]

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VTA Educational Meetings: Step-by-Step Process For Protecting Your Company Following A Serious Accident

The Virginia Trucking Association and the Safety & Human Resources Council will be hosting educational meetings in east and west locations. The topic for January is: “It’s 3:00 am—and your driver has been in a serious accident.  What steps should you take to protect your company—and why.” Accident Investigations – Steve Setliff from Setliff Law […]

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FMCSA Releases Proposed Guidance on Personal Conveyance

In our Winter Trucking Newsletter sent in December, we published an article entitled “ELDs & Personal Conveyance: Further FMCSA Guidance is Coming.” The guidance is now here! FMCSA Releases Proposed Guidance on Personal Conveyance FMCSA recently released proposed guidance to replace the current interpretation listed in Question 26 under section 49 C.F.R. 395.8. Regarding when […]

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Brokerage of Freight: Is Your Company Safe?

In the field of trucking and freight many issues are raised by brokerage, and especially sub-brokerage, of freight. For the uninitiated, a “broker of freight” or “freight brokerage” is an entity that serves as a middleman between one entity that has freight to ship, and another entity that engages in the act of shipping freight. […]

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