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Posted in: March, 2018

PROTECTED DISABILITY OR A LIABILITY? Guidance for employers who are balancing protections for individuals with disabilities against their goal to avoid injuries and accidents in the workplace

Virginia employers have legal and ethical duties to keep their employees, customers, and the public safe. In an effort to carry out these important duties, many employers are left wondering how far they may (or should) go in pre-employment screenings in an effort to prevent workplace accidents. To succeed in balancing these legal duties, employers […]

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Know What You Don’t Know: Welcome to Phishing Season

It being early March, we are now in the heady season between where employers send out tax forms, and everyone scrambles to file their taxes.  This means we are also in the season where fraudsters race to file false tax returns using stolen identity information, a form of identity theft.  Worse, the FBI recently issued […]

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Virginia Supreme Court Says Business Can Indemnify Plaintiff’s Employer By Asserting Its Affirmative Defenses To Plaintiff’s Lawsuit

Like most businesses, your business likely enters contracts with other businesses. Some of these may be service contracts for drivers or other employees. Do you know if these contracts contain indemnity clauses? If so, do you know the exact terms of those clauses? Thanks to a new decision from the Virginia Supreme Court, the language […]

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Out-of-Service Orders for Failure to Comply with Electronic Log Mandate to be Issued Beginning in April  

On April 1, 2018, Department of Transportation (“DOT”) and state officials will begin issuing out-of-service orders to drivers who are found in violation of the electronic logging device (“ELD”) mandate. This will mark an end to the “grace period” that was in effect after the final rule establishing the ELD mandate came into effect on […]

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The High Points: Addressing Medical Marijuana Issues in the Virginia Workplace

As you have likely noticed, the tides have been turning on the issue of medical marijuana in America—as more than half of all states have comprehensive medical marijuana laws, and several have expanded to legalize various forms of recreational marijuana use. Meanwhile, marijuana remains a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law. All of this […]

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