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Posted in: January, 2019

Strange Bedfellows: California, the Teamsters, the FMCSA, and Motor Carrier Rest Rules

Until recently, California had rules essentially requiring that truck drivers take one 10 minute rest break every four hours, and one 30 minute meal break after every five hours of driving.  Federal Law, however, required a 30 minute break after every eight hours of driving.  The result was some confusion over which law applied in California, and […]

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Changes to Virginia Rules Empower Judges to Dismiss Cases for Lack of Participation in Discovery

Discovery serves an important role in litigation.  The purpose of discovery is to clarify the issues between the parties, ascertain facts relative to those issues and obtain the fullest possible knowledge of the facts and issues before trial.  Indeed, whether circumstances tend to lend credence to a favorable settlement or a trial, utilizing effective discovery […]

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Workplace emails: Employer considerations for communications discoverable in the event of litigation

“Never write if you can speak, never speak if you can nod, never nod if you can wink.” —Attributed to the 19th century Boston political boss Martin Lomasney. The words of 19th-century Boston political boss Martin Lomasney have never rung truer than in today’s modern age of email communications. More than ever, the words we […]

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Governor Northam Announces Support for Tolling I-81

Governor Northam announced at a press conference yesterday that he supports the plan to impose tolls on I-81 to fund $2.2 billion in improvements along the corridor. The legislation will be patroned by Senators Mark Obenshain (R-Rockingham County) and Bill Carrico (R-Grayson County) and Delegates Steve Landes (R-Augusta County) and Terry Austin (R-Botetourt County). Click here to […]

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Another State Eyeing Truck-Only Tolling

In the last election, Connecticut voters selected Democrat Ned Lamont to be their next governor. During the campaign, Lamont highlighted truck-only tolling as a way to raise needed revenue for the state. Recently, Lamont has reaffirmed his commitment to explore truck-only tolling in Connecticut. Lamont appears to be inspired by the neighboring state of Rhode […]

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Planning Ahead: AOBRD Phaseout Under Electronic Log Mandate Likely to Pose Challenges

While nearly all motor carriers subject to the federal electronic logging device (ELD) mandate have complied with the industry-shaking regulation, a large portion of these carriers have complied using automated onboard recording devices (AOBRDs). Specifically, the final rule mandating ELDs allowed for AORBDs to be grandfathered in and used for an additional two years after […]

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