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Posted in: January, 2020

Keeping Up With California’s Battle Over the Independent Contractor

In recent articles published by this firm, we’ve highlighted ongoing litigation in California, where state legislators are seeking to make it more difficult for companies to classify their drivers as independent contractors.  The California law, Assembly Bill 5 (“A.B. 5”), seeks to provide employee status to additional workers, thus availing them to additional protections such […]

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Contemporary Federal Preemption in Trucking

Interstate long-haul trucking requires carriers to be aware of, and comply with, state regulatory schemes covering a multitude of issues.  Avoiding a patchwork of conflicting laws is critical in the long-haul trucking arena, where carriers and drivers may need to comply with varying state regulations on an hour-by-hour basis. As such, the trucking industry regularly […]

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PART III: Clearinghouse Practicality: The Changing Marijuana Landscape and the DOT Driver

If you are a motor carrier and are not registered for the FMCSA Clearinghouse, do so now.  The Jan. 6 implementation date is here.  As we have discussed in Part I and Part II, registering for and utilizing the Clearinghouse are important steps in the process.  As we move forward, however, compliance with the process […]

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Dynamex Fallout: Truckers Seek to Toss CA’s New Gig Economy Law as Trucking Companies Cut Ties with Independent CA Drivers

We’re now just a few weeks away from the nation’s most stringent independent contractor misclassification law taking effect in California. But if a group of truck drivers have their way, the law will stall out before it ever gets on the road. The California Trucking Association filed an amended lawsuit in federal court on November 12, 2019 […]

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