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Posted in: February, 2020

The Future of Motor Carrier Insurance Coverage and Defense

A “nuclear verdict” is generally and most simplistically defined as a jury award in excess of $10 million.  These types of verdicts are most often associated with trucking cases and are typically a combination award of punitive and compensatory damages.  It is no secret nuclear verdicts have been on the rise, coast to coast.  This […]

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Contractor/Subcontractor Arrangements: Let’s Save Time By Assuming You’re Doing it Wrong and About to Get In Trouble

I frequently present on topics related to OSHA/VOSH, Workers’ Compensation, employee handbooks, etc.  Every single time I give one of those presentations at least one person asks about agreements and relationships with contractors or subcontractors.  I answer every one of those questions by telling the questioner that, if any significant part of their goal is […]

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Steve Setliff, of Setliff Law, in the national spotlight!

Congratulations to Steve Setliff, managing partner of Setliff Law, for his recent recognition by the Commercial Carrier Journal as an expert in the area of advising the trucking industry in managing CSA claims. Setliff presented on “Preventing Penalties with CSA Improvements” to the Omnitracs Outlook user conference in Las Vegas on February 17, 2020. Here […]

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Coronavirus Supply Chain Disruption and Force Majeure

Image from Commercial Carrier Journal, Significant Freight Disruption The deadly coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China is predicted to have a significant impact on freight volume entering the United States from China. Wuhan is a major industrial and transport hub in central China.  According to a report from DHL’s Resilience360, Wuhan is […]

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What is the Dillon Rule and Why Should The Trucking Industry Care?

The age-old argument of where the power of lawmaking should reside – state or local – began with a man named John Forrest Dillion, who was Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court.   In 1868 he stated a rule of law known as the Dillon Rule doctrine that has come to govern how 39 […]

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