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Posted in: April, 2020

It’s the End of the World, But First We’re Getting Sued 

Along with panic buying toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and hand soap, mocking the COVID-19 or “Wuhan” Coronavirus has become something of a pastime of mine.  Efforts to cash in on the bad news are not limited to investments, snake oil, and hoarding food, we’re also seeing CNN podcasts and continuing legal education seminars on the subject.  Not wanting to make light of what could be […]

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Walmart truck drivers find $54.6 million verdict right in the handbook

When evaluating alleged corporate misconduct, courts regularly look to the language of a company handbook when determining whether policies and procedures conform with (or violate) state and federal law. How confident are you in the text of your policy manual? Does your company handbook go too far? For example, does your company handbook limit how […]

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