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Posted in: July, 2020

The Reopening of America and Liability Waivers and Notice

Virginia entered Phase III of its reopening plan on July 1, 2020 following COVID-19 closures.  Other states are in various phases of reopening, with some reversing their course of conduct due to upticks in active COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. As new world order ensues, businesses are attempting to protect themselves in any way possible – […]

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Richmond’s Ban on Handheld Devices Is Now in Effect – Virginia Statewide Law to Follow in 2021

Last year, we reported (link: that Richmond voted to adopt an ordinance banning handheld cell phone use while driving. The day of reckoning is upon us – as of June 8, 2020, the ordinance has officially gone into effect. The full text is as follows: Sec. 27-40.1. Distracted driving. (a) Any person who drives […]

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Face Masks – Is Governor Northam’s requirement enforceable?

On May 26, 2020 Virginia’s governor, Ralph S. Northam issued an Executive Order requiring people in the Commonwealth of Virginia to wear a face mask/face covering when in a public indoor setting.  This Executive Order followed the governor’s Executive Order Fifty-Five which required the people of Virginia to stay at home and maintain a distance […]

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Are you insured against COVID-19?

In the short time the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was first identified in December 2019 in China, the world is a much different place. As of June 23rd, more than 9.15 million cases had been reported across over 180 countries.  The pandemic caused the largest global recession in history, with more than a third of […]

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Va. Code § 65.2-601.2  and Upcoming Changes to the Requirement to Respond to a Workers’ Compensation Claim: Hurry Up and Keep Doing What You’re Doing

It’s oddly satisfying when a state agency basically orders you to do what you’re already doing.  Helping in that regard, the Virginia Legislature recently passed a statute essentially directing Worker’s Compensation defendants to do what they’ve already been doing.  All that has really happened here is that the legislature took the fully functioning system under […]

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