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Welcome Kevin Streit, Setliff Law’s new associate!

Setliff Law is pleased to announce that Kevin Streit has joined the firm as an  associate  who specializes in construction law, commercial litigation, insurance coverage,  employment  law and consumer protection law. Mr. Streit has practiced law as a civil litigator for twenty years, almost entirely representing the insurance industry in one capacity or another. For a […]

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Signs of the Apocalypse and the Freight Business –  Los Angeles is Burning

2020 is the year for signs of the end times.  Apart from rioting, a plague, economic collapse, three hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico at once, religious and political leaders falling from grace, the West Coast of the US is on fire. A lot of our clients are in trucking and transportation, and the overwhelming majority are on the East Coast.  It might not […]

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Up a Highway Without a Pedal

The Virginia State Corporation Commission recently passed Administrative Letter 2020-06 ( which notes that, once insurers have made a liability determination that the insured is at fault for an accident, insurers are responsible to reimburse towing companies for “clean up and recovery costs,” which include “certain towing expenses.” In many cases, this is a relatively […]

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2020/21 Bring Changes to DUI Laws in Virginia

We all know that drunk driving is dangerous, but how dangerous is it? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that every 50 minutes, one person dies in a drunk driving-related incident. That’s around 30 people a day and almost 11,000 a year.  Drunk driving fatalities account for approximately 28 percent of all traffic […]

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Who Should a Casualty Insurer Invite to the “Dec Action” Party? Some Considerations

Litigators in Virginia who devote any of their practice to representing insurers, or insureds, in disputes over insurance coverage are intimately acquainted with the declaratory-judgment action, one of the most useful tools available for resolving thorny insurance questions.  If a “dec action” is filed in state court, Virginia law mandates that all parties having a […]

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Virginia Wage Payment Act: Wage Theft Laws Enhanced

Virginia recently enacted significant amendments to its wage payment laws. These amendments under Virginia’s Wage Payment Act (“VWPA”) are the first of its kind and provide enhanced protections for employees who are victims of wage theft by creating a private cause of action for employees to sue their employers to recover unpaid wages owed. Additionally, […]

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Are you Ready?

I was recently on a road trip with my family, within an hour of our target destination on one of this country’s major interstates.  We had been in the car for hours, the terrain was flat, the summer sun blazed through the windows, and the states had passed by.  As a truck lawyer, I spent […]

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Employee (Mis)Classification: What’s Old is Still New

Every time we give a presentation on Workers’ Compensation, or contracting, or employer liability, or a similar subject, someone comes up to one of us and asks some question about how they have no employees, only independent contractors, and their contract includes terms X and Y, or some contractor got injured while working, etc.  Each […]

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Long Haul Trucking Battle Over Contractual Interference Granted New Life

In April, 2016, two long haul carriers became embroiled in a $90,000,000 lawsuit where one carrier alleged that the other carrier actively recruited and hired drivers who were bound under its employment contracts.  Specifically, Carrier A’s employment contracts prohibited it’s drivers from working for competitors for a specified amount of time.  Carrier A asserted that […]

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The Reopening of America and Liability Waivers and Notice

Virginia entered Phase III of its reopening plan on July 1, 2020 following COVID-19 closures.  Other states are in various phases of reopening, with some reversing their course of conduct due to upticks in active COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. As new world order ensues, businesses are attempting to protect themselves in any way possible – […]

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