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Congratulations to Allison Rienecker!

  Allison F. Rienecker, an associate at Setliff Law, has been elected as the Chair of the Richmond Bar Association Young Lawyers Section (RBA YLS) for the 2021-2022 bar year. The YLS has nearly 400 attorneys and includes all RBA members under age 40 or within their first 5 years of practice. The section regularly organizes meetings, […]

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Bifurcation and the Reptile

Like the dinosaurs, the Reptile Theory seems to freely roam the earth for years and years.  Also like the dinosaurs, it is a favorite topic of articles and debate.  For the cave people who are scratching their heads grunting, “Huh? What?”, the Reptile Theory is a legal strategy popularized by David Ball and Don C. […]

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Following the Rules: Clarification on the Safety Rule Defense to Workers’ Compensation Claims

In general, employees in Virginia are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who is to blame for the accident. That means, with few exceptions, the negligence of any party involved in a workers’ compensation case is irrelevant to the award of benefits. Common sense, however, would dictate that if employees aren’t following “the rules” […]

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Congratulations to Steve Setliff, Named 2022 Best Lawyers “Lawyer of the Year”

C. Stephen Setliff, partner and owner of Setliff Law, was recently recognized by Best Lawyers as the 2022 “Lawyer of the Year” for Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions – Defendants. Only a single lawyer in each practice area and designated metropolitan area is honored as the “Lawyer of the Year,” making this accolade particularly […]

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(Trade) dressing for success – Nike’s latest weapon in the battle for the 70-billion-dollar global sneaker market

On June 1, 2021, Nike successfully obtained Federal trademark registration on the silhouette of its iconic Air Jordan 1 sneaker. This may be surprising to readers for one of two reasons. First, you may be asking “wait, the Air Jordan 1 is so iconic, wasn’t it already trademarked?” The answer to this is… yes, and […]

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The Ties that Bind – or Don’t…

Imagine that your employee happens to be at a work site in the course of his job, doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing, alongside workers employed by other companies who similarly are working diligently.  Now let’s say that your employee is using a piece of equipment that malfunctions in such a way that […]

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Virginia’s New Hazy Marijuana Laws and What Employers Should Know

  Virginia’s New Hazy Marijuana Laws and What Employers Should Know  The big shift is here! As of July 1, 2021, adults 21 years of age and older can possess, consume, and grow small amounts of recreational marijuana in the Commonwealth. Virginia is the first state in the South to legalize recreational use of marijuana […]

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Congratulations, History Maker!

My grandmother made a great Sunday roast; in fact, her potatoes became a benchmark for the multigenerational cooks in my family – “Eh, they are good potatoes, but they’re just not ‘nanny potatoes.’” Great bragging rights. Or so I thought. Take a step back, sit down and read on about grandmother bragging rights. Jason Mackey, […]

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Impracticable Cloak: COVID-19 defenses to commercial lease enforcement

“Where, after a contract is made, a party’s performance is made impracticable without his fault by the occurrence of an event the non-occurrence of which was a basic assumption on which the contract was made, his duty to render that performance is discharged, unless the language or the circumstances indicate the contrary.” Restatement (Second) of […]

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Return-to-work mandatory-vaccine policies

As workers return to their places of employment, employers must be aware of the pitfalls surrounding mandating COVID-19 vaccines for those returning workers. Employers who adopt such a policy need to understand the obligations that the Americans with Disabilities Act (“the ADA”) imposes on employers. This article will discuss one such obligation: under the ADA, […]

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