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Appellate Court Practice

Sometimes legal disputes or rulings at the trial level are decided incorrectly and result in decisions adverse to our clients. Those disputes or rulings should not go unchecked, and virtually every jurisdiction has some procedure for appealing those decisions to a higher court. Whether the case is one of original jurisdiction before the state’s highest court or one of appellate jurisdiction in the circuit court, our attorneys are experienced in all areas of appellate practice.

The attorneys at Setliff Law are experienced and capable brief writers and oral advocates for our clients. While there is never a guarantee in the field of appellate court practice, our knowledge and understanding for the process helps our clients present the best possible case to the appellate court.

We keep our clients informed of the status of the case and seek to minimize much of the cost associated with appellate court practice by working with our clients and opposing counsel to streamline the process. Further, appellate court practice often has the potential for setting precedent in future cases arising in the jurisdiction. Our attorneys work with our clients to understand the fears, concerns and issues associated with a given case. Through that collaborative effort, the attorneys at Setliff Law formulate the strategy that best suits our clients’ needs.

The following are some of our attorneys’ representative engagements:

» Counsel to judges in disciplinary proceedings before the Supreme Court of Virginia and the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission.

» Petitioner’s counsel in petition for appeal to the Supreme Court of Virginia in a wrongful death case involving an alleged homicide.

» Appellee’s counsel in appeal of summary judgment verdict granting summary judgment based upon the statute of limitations in cumulative trauma cases in the City of Baltimore.