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Commercial Landlord/Tenant Disputes

The landlord/tenant relationship and American jurisprudence in the area of rental property dates back to feudal times in England. This long history has created a unique and often complicated interplay between contract law, property law and business strategy. Disputes in commercial leases may trigger statutory obligations or may simply require the application of law developed by the courts. When tenants refuse to pay rent or comply with the obligations in the lease, landlords are faced with numerous difficult decisions regarding which remedy to pursue in correcting the situation. Our attorneys at Setliff Law are experienced in representing landlords in commercial leasing disputes.

In addition to our legal experience in commercial landlord/tenant disputes, our attorneys also have experience in the property management field. Understanding the business and economic issues facing landlords dealing with commercial leasing problems allows us to provide legal advice that makes good business sense.

We understand that tenant disputes can affect relationships with other tenants, future rentals, and public opinion. We actively communicate with our clients to understand all of the economic and business issues associated with a given case. We provide our clients with an initial case assessment and keep them informed as the case progresses towards trial. Our experience has taught us that open and timely communication is the best protection for your business and property investment.

The following are some of our attorneys’ representative engagements:

» Representation of a Fortune 100 property management company with subtenants throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

» Virginia trial counsel for several property management firms throughout Virginia managing various retail outlets and malls for landlord/tenant and premises liability litigation.