Family Law

A divorce is actually five separate lawsuits proceeding at one time, each with its own complex laws: (1) the divorce itself; (2) the division of marital property and debt; (3) child custody; (4) child support; and (5) spousal support. Additionally, these matters (with the exception of divorce and property and debt division) can arise between parents who are not married. Lawyers at Setliff Law have years of experience in dealing with complex equitable distribution issues, child custody cases, and support issues.

Family law also raises the question of whether you should be proceeding in the Juvenile Court or the Circuit Court, and navigating the jurisdictional rules for both of those forums. If you are facing the prospect of separation and divorce, you must have counsel at every step of the process to ensure you get the fairest and most equitable outcome. While that outcome is most often reached in divorce cases through settlement, you need a divorce litigator who is ready to go to trial if settlement cannot be reached. Lawyers at Setliff Law have years of experience taking complex divorce cases to trial throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Contact us as soon as possible when issues of family law arise.