At the foundation of any hospitality-based business is the goal of welcoming and treating guests and customers in a warm, yet professional manner. That might sound simplistic in view of the complex path a hospitality business sometimes travels in reaching that goal. Restaurants and foodservice establishments, retailers, hotels, resorts, and other lodging industries, spas and fitness facilities, recreation theme parks, and other similar businesses often encounter issues that can distract from the goal of their business: the pleasure of their guests.

Setliff Law is familiar with the unique nature of hospitality-based business and the intricate legal issues that face the industry. Our attorneys have years of experience representing worldwide hotel and resort chains, national fitness facilities, and international foodservice companies. We can confidently help you maneuver through liability matters relating to:

  • Safety and security (for both employees and guests)
  • Premises liability and tort lawsuits
  • Compliance and regulatory matters
  • Contract negotiations or disputes
  • Hiring and firing employees and other human resources
    or worker’s compensation matters
  • Real estate and commercial leasing matters

Let Setliff Law provide legal assistance and representation to meet the specific needs of your hospitality business. Our experience will take care of the legal complexities of your business to let you take care of the details of providing the highest level of service to your guests.

Attorneys:  Danielle M. Brim