Insurance Law and Coverage Litigation

Representation for Insurers

As every insurance professional knows, policy language that appears clear in the vacuum of an insurance contract may sometimes become less than clear when applied to the facts of a claim. Complicating matters, every state takes its own approach to insurance policy interpretation, with wrinkles and nuances that are often tough to track. Our attorneys specialize in drilling into the minutiae of complex claims and sorting out how a court in a given jurisdiction would be likely to decide a specific coverage question. Our team also has extensive experience in defending against claims for extra-contractual liability, including bad faith. Whether you’re an insurer seeking a legal opinion on a coverage question or in need of representation in coverage litigation, our team of seasoned practitioners is well-equipped to bring their years of combined experience and expertise to bear on your behalf to reach a cost-effective resolution to even the most complex claims and coverage disputes.

Representation for Insureds

We have all heard the expression: “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” The truth is that most people and businesses follow that advice. The “plan” is typically an insurance plan that provides a level of security from the unexpected “worst” in life. The “worst” usually takes the form of an unforeseen death or an unexpected assertion of liability by some third party. But what happens when the “worst” occurs, and an insurance company refuses to pay a claim?

We cannot prevent the “worst” in life from happening, however, we can protect our clients’ families and businesses from dealing with the loss of the insurance proceeds to which they are entitled. Our attorneys are experienced in insurance matters and have spent a great deal of time litigating both for and against insurance companies. Whether it be through a declaratory-judgment action or simply a less-confrontational effort to seek payment under the terms of a policy, the lawyers at Setliff Law are committed to providing prompt communication, advice, analysis, and consideration of your claim and needs.

The following are some of our attorneys’ representative engagements:

  • Represented various insurers in coverage litigation, including those involving automobile policies, maritime/marine policies, general liability policies, property insurance policies, and extra-contractual liability claims in both commercial and residential lines
  • Won summary judgment in state court against a national insurance carrier in a case involving the spoilage of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food, the bankruptcy of the insured, and the refusal of the warehouse liability carrier to pay.
  • Obtained liability insurance coverage for a multi-count antitrust conspiracy, unfair competition lawsuit brought against a large Virginia-based health care conglomerate.