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Toxic Tort Defense

Each day there seems to be yet another allegation in the news about the alleged dangers associated with some substance or chemical that is present in our society. These allegations give rise to complex litigation that draws media attention and threatens an onslaught of future suits to a wide variety of manufacturers, suppliers, and commercial users.

Setliff Law understands the risks and issues associated with toxic tort and mass tort litigation. Our extensive experience in the scientific, engineering, and medical fields allows us to efficiently manage the unique and complicated issues associated with toxic tort litigation. We thoroughly investigate each case and actively seek favorable outcomes for our clients even before trial begins. Our knowledge of trial techniques and negotiation strategy has led to numerous defense verdicts and settlements favorable to our clients.

Our attorneys also understand the need to coordinate with the client and to structure a trial strategy that not only fosters a positive resolution of the current case, but that also protects our clients and minimizes the risk of future litigation.

The following are some of our attorneys’ representative engagements:

» Representation of manufacturers of asbestos-containing products against claims that the plaintiffs’ exposure to those products resulted in contraction of mesothelioma and other respiratory ailments.

» Representation of major railroads in claims involving toxic exposure to asbestos, diesel fumes, solvents and silica.

» Representation of a major petroleum company in claims alleging leaks from underground storage tanks in retail gasoline stations.

» Representation of a major trucking company in its defense of a diesel fume exposure action.

» Defense of a construction company in a toxic mold action.