Challenges on use of independent contractors,” Virginia Movers and Warehousemen’s Association Fall Meeting, November 2022

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Newly Endangered: Norther…

Newly Endangered: Northern Long Eared Bat

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service published their final rule reclassifying the northern long eared bat as an endangered species back on November 30, 2022, with an original effective date of January 30, 2023. This classification is pursuant to the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The US Fish and Wildlife service is able to make this determination when a species satisfies any one of five factors: (A) The present or threatened destruction, modification, or curtailment of its habitat or range; (B)… Read More
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You’re doing everything…

You’re doing everything right, but does your device data know that?

As you read this, it’s highly likely you have either been in a crash or soon will be. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) reported that in 2020, of the approximately 415,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks, 4,444 (1 percent) of them were fatal crashes and 101,000 (24 percent) of them were crashes with injuries. The FMCSA also found that about 71 percent of these accidents were caused by distracted drivers. While these numbers alone are cause for concern,… Read More
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Beyond Belief: Fact or Fi…

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?

Before this week’s article starts in earnest, we are going to have a quick quiz. So go grab your old CRT monitor and Star Trek: Nemesis movie poster, because we are going to play Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. See if you can tell which of these cases are real…and which are works of fantasy. Answers and an explanation of why you should care are below. In Illinois, an attorney managed to sue himself when he filed suit on behalf… Read More
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First Things First: Is Yo…

First Things First: Is Your Premises Liability Lawsuit in a Contributory Negligence State or a Comparative Negligence State?

Let’s say you just got served with a new complaint from a customer who alleges that they were hurt while on the premises of your business. An important first question in analyzing that lawsuit is whether it was filed in a jurisdiction that applies principles of contributory negligence or comparative negligence. Contributory negligence and comparative negligence are both doctrines that courts use to determine liability in personal injury cases. However, the similarities between the two doctrines end there, and which… Read More
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Compliance “to the Lett…

Compliance “to the Letter”: What the Virginia Bureau of Insurance’s Administrative Letter 2020-05 does, and does not, Mean for Insurers of Trucking Companies

In what has become commonplace following tractor-trailer crashes on Virginia’s highways involving heavy-duty towing and recovery services performed at the behest of the police, soon after the incident the trucking company receives an invoice from the towing company accompanied by a copy of the Virginia Bureau of Insurance’s (the “Bureau”) August 19, 2020 Administrative Letter number 202005 (the “Letter). As discussed in more detail below, the Letter purports to instruct insurance companies on what the insurance provided under their policies… Read More
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COUNTING TIME Virginia’s Extension of the Statute of Limitations During COVID-19 Pandemic Gives Every Claim More Time

“Lost time is never found again,” an insightful quote by Benjamin Franklin, apparently no longer applies in post-COVID Virginia, since the Virginia Court of Appeals ruled that time lost during the pandemic shutdown of the courts can be added back to the Statute of Limitations deadlines for all claims. The Virginia Supreme Court has authority to suspend Statutes of Limitations during a judicial emergency. The COVID-19 pandemic created just such an emergency when courts were ordered to close for an… Read More
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It’s Not My Fault; why…

It’s Not My Fault; why should I have to pay it?!

The idea of having to pay out a workers’ compensation claim can be irksome, especially when you are self-insured. This frustration can be further compounded as you learn all of the details surrounding the happening of an injury. Sometimes a compensable workers’ compensation claim truly is the fault and responsibility of a third party, and in those situations, it may even be possible to recoup some of the expenses associated with paying out a workers’ compensation claim. A little of… Read More
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My customer filed for ban…

My customer filed for bankruptcy. What do I do now?

The longer you are in business, the greater the chance that one of your customers becomes delinquent. While you have many options to collect a debt in normal circumstances, if your customer files for bankruptcy, you have a minefield of issues to maneuver through. Don’t panic and proceed with caution. FIRST. Stop all goods in transit and arrange for their return to your facility. Once you learn that your customer has filed for bankruptcy, you should stop all goods in… Read More
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Congratulations To Kevin…

Congratulations To Kevin Streit, Setliff Law's Newest Partner

Setliff Law is pleased to announce Kevin Streit is the firm’s newest partner. Kevin, who has been a civil litigator for nearly 25 years, came on board in 2020, and in that time has proven to be one of the hardest working lawyers at the firm. According to Steve Setliff, partner and owner of Setliff Law, “We are proud to add Kevin to the ranks of partner here at Setliff Law. Kevin is as fine a litigator—and trial lawyer—as you… Read More
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