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Posted in: August, 2019

Trucking tolls legal?  When in doubt, sue.

I am told that funding roads and highways by taxing constituents is unpopular for some reason (Missourri,Colorado, South Carolina, for instance).  In an effort to still pay for roads without doing that “tax” thing, some states, including Virginia, have opted to try to obtain funds by truck specific tolls.  That effort has stalled in Virginia, but with the state […]

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$575 million Equifax settlement illustrates basic security needs to protect privacy of clients and employees and prevent legal ramifications for your business

Patch your software. Segment your network. Monitor for intruders. According to tech experts, those are security basics for businesses of any size. But when you are industry giant Equifax – a company in possession of staggering amounts of highly confidential information about more than 200 million Americans – it’s almost unthinkable not to implement those […]

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DOT and OMB mulling changes to trucker drive time regulations

Currently, 49 CFR 395.3(a) requires any driver of a commercial motor vehicle engaged in interstate transport to alternate between a minimum of 10 consecutive “off-duty” hours of rest and a maximum of 11 hours of drive time within the following 14 “on-duty” hours, with a 30 minute break in the “on-duty” time. However, a number of […]

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