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C. Stephen Setliff

Phone 2: (804) 399-4391
Fax: (804) 377-1281
Consistently recognized as one of America’s Best Lawyers, Mr. Setliff represents clients in complex litigation at the trial and appellate level in state and federal courts across the United States. His multifaceted trial practice includes representation... Read More
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Michael L. Donner

Phone: 804-377-1267
Fax: 804-377-1287
Mr. Donner is an experienced trial attorney who specializes in business and commercial litigation, fiduciary litigation, domestic relations litigation, employment litigation, criminal defense, and maritime law. He focuses his commercial and employment... Read More
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Eli Jason S. Mackey

Fax: (804) 377-1298
Mr. Mackey’s practice areas include personal injury defense, railroad defense, general litigation, insurance defense, premises liability, contract disputes, insurance coverage disputes, commercial landlord/tenant law, and transportation law. His experience... Read More
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Peter E. Schurig

Phone: 804-377-1276
Fax: 804-377-1296
Mr. Schurig is proud to be recognized in “The Best Lawyers in America” publication. He is a seasoned trial attorney who represents businesses and individuals in all manners of complex commercial litigation and catastrophic personal injury defense, employment... Read More
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Kevin T. Streit

Fax: (804) 377-1290
Mr. Streit has practiced law as a civil litigator for nearly twenty-five years, almost entirely representing the insurance industry in one capacity or another. For many years his focus has been on representing property and casualty insurers in disputes... Read More
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Christopher D. Adams

Fax: (804) 377-1293
Mr. Adams has tried cases in 59 cities and counties in Virginia and draws his experience from a wide range of practice areas. He is versed in personal injury defense, trucking and transportation litigation, premises liability, commercial litigation... Read More
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Danielle M. Brim

Phone: 804-377-1264
Fax: 804-377-1284
Ms. Brim is an experienced attorney with a diverse legal background that includes work in private practice and at an innovative legal technology company. She has worked extensively in civil litigation. Prior to joining Setliff Law, Ms. Brim spent most... Read More
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Nicole A. Corbett

Phone: 804-377-1268
Fax: 804-377-1288
Ms. Corbett’s diverse legal career has a foundation in the business and commercial litigation side of the gaming industry, with a focus on government related matters. Her experience managing the legal issues and processes... Read More
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Mitchell P. Goldstein

Fax: (804) 377-1289
Mr. Goldstein is an experienced attorney with a background in consumer litigation, bankruptcy, internet law, administrative law, and transportation law. Prior to working at Setliff Law, Mr. Goldstein served as the Chief Hearing Officer for the Virginia... Read More
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Michael S. Jacquez

Phone: 804-377-1262
Fax: 804-377-1282
Michael is an experienced attorney with a diverse practice background. He has worked in the various civil cases that the firm handles, ranging from the representation of large national corporations to the equally important small businesses in our community... Read More
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Todd A. Knode

Phone: 804-377-1277
Fax: 804-377-1297
Mr. Knode has been practicing law for over 12 years and has developed a concentration in residential construction and real estate disputes, and consumer protection matters. He has experience litigating both sides of Mechanic’s Lien claims, real estate... Read More
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L. Denise Reverski

Fax: (804) 377-1292
Ms. Reverski is an experienced attorney with a background in estate planning, and real estate transactions and closings. She also has extensive knowledge in the representation of secured creditors in collections, repossessions, bankruptcy matters... Read More
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Abby M. Russo

Phone: 804-377-1275
Fax: 804-377-1295
Ms. Russo is an experienced attorney with a diverse legal background that includes work in criminal practice and at the Court of Appeals of Virginia. Ms. Russo began her legal career in criminal practice, first as a Public Defender in Hampton Virginia, and then as a prosecutor for the city of Richmond. Ms. Russo’s experience in criminal law gave her a strong background in trial work and client-centered service... Read More
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John S. Stacy II

Fax: (804) 377-1283
Mr. Stacy is an experienced attorney with a background in criminal defense and personal injury litigation. He is licensed to practice law in both Virginia and West Virginia. Mr. Stacy has extensive knowledge in a variety of general practice, criminal… Read More
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