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Science and Technology law represents the nexus between several otherwise distinct practice areas, including Intellectual Property, Privacy, Speech and Defamation, Communications, and Commercial law.  Your patent may be infringed or alleged to infringe from anywhere, but also, the primacy of the Internet raises the possibility that a trademark can be stolen hundreds of miles away, a defamation may be made in front of thousands of people on another coast, or a company from another country may demand a business stop selling products it claims are fake or were illicitly obtained.

Setliff Law attorneys have substantial experience in not only these many disparate legal practice areas, but also in those circumstances where they overlap.  Our team includes backgrounds in environmental science, mechanical engineering, and nuclear engineering, and we have a member of the Patent Bar and a duly qualified Engineer-In-Training.  We defend in criminal cases, pursue and defend both civil and administrative enforcement actions, bring and defend commercial matters, file and defend appeals, pursue and defend infringement in patents and trademarks, and prosecute and defend patents and trademarks.  We bring all of this experience together to safeguard our clients’ interests when they are embroiled in Science and Technology legal matters.